Kerala Vision Broadband offers the fastest internet connections at the lowest cost.

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Kerala Vision Broadband offers the fastest internet broadband connections at the lowest cost in Kerala state. Around 25 broadband plans having under Kerala Vision Broadband Plans. And the plans start from just Rs 499 only including taxes.

Kerala Vision Broadband offers the fastest internet connections at the lowest cost.

Kerala Vision is a private Malayalam channel started by Kerala Communications Cable Limited. Kerala Vision Broadband Limited is an initiative of independent Cable TV Operators in Kerala under the guidance of the Cable Operators Association ( COA). COA is a union of more than 4000 local cable operators all over Kerala.

Kerala Vision ISP has the largest optic fibre connectivity in Kerala. They have more than 3000 broadband operators in Kerala and have very high network veins even in remote locations. Also they are expanding our network connectivity further to reach more customers.

The fibre optic broadband connection is provided through the Kerala Vision cable network provided to the customers. The plans are categorized into four: FUP, Unlimited, SME and Data Booster. The FUP plans are available for Rs 499, 594, 660, 951, 1189, 2260, 2379 and 2974. Unlimited plans are available at Rs 772,1010 and 1248. SME plans are priced at Rs 2021. 1Year FUP is available at Rs 4164 and 5592. The data booster plan is priced at Rs 118,237 and 356.

Kerala Vision’s main objective is to develop the Cable TV Industry of Kerala by building wider networks, upgrading technology, finding new avenues of activity, etc. Apart from addressing various issues and challenges before the industry for and on behalf of its members.

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