How to Make a Low Budget House in Kerala

Beautiful low budget house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom in 900 sqft in 4.5 center by NV Architect. House will be built anywhere in Kerala for 12.5 lakhs.

Kerala, India is home to many people who are looking for low budget house making. With the help of innovative and cost-effective building materials, these individuals can build a safe and secure home without breaking their budget. By using locally available materials like bamboo, clay and jute, these homes can be built quickly and at an affordable price.

Moreover, these materials are also eco-friendly as they are sourced from sustainable sources. With the help of modern building techniques like prefabrication and 3D printing, these houses can be made even more cost-effective while still providing the necessary strength and durability. Low budget house making in Kerala is becoming increasingly popular among those looking to save money while still having a comfortable place to live in.

How to Make a Low Budget House in Kerala

Making a home in Kerala is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rising cost of land and construction materials. However, with careful planning and smart budgeting, it is possible to build a low-budget house in Kerala.

By utilizing local resources such as mud blocks, bamboo, thatch roofing and recycled materials, you can significantly reduce the cost of building your own home. With some creative thinking and a little bit of research, you can also find ways to save money on labor costs by using skilled local workers or doing some of the work yourself. With these tips in mind, you can make your dream house come true even on a tight budget!

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