Child astrologer Abhigya Anand’s prediction goes viral on social media

The whole world is in a terrible situation in the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. The prediction of a child astrologer Abhigya Anand about this is now getting viral on social media platforms. This has shaken the lives of the people. We are now going through a very critical situation. The plague has devastated the country and the world, and the whole world has been conquered. Authorities and health workers are struggling to cope.

The prediction of child astrologer Abhigya Anand, an astrologer in the early days of the epidemic, was remarkable. The child astrologer said that an epidemic was about to break out and that it would conquer the world. He also said that once it subsides, there will be situations where it may erupt again. Its impact on 2021 will continue to wreak havoc on humanity. Watch the video for more information.

Abhigya Anand’s Prediction Video

It will continue for a while. He said that there are major disasters to come and will be relieved by November 2021. Major changes will take place by the end of May 2022. And humanity will have a great liberation from the pandemic. Everyone can hope that these conditions change and there will be good conditions in life. Let us also assume that the prophecy of such astrologers will be a blessing to humanity. May the world recover as soon as possible. I wish everyone the best of luck in taking back everything they’ve lost.

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