A Complete Review of Bet365 Sportsbook in 2022

This article is a thorough review of the Bet365 sports wagering platform. Read it to discover the main features and opportunities it offers to punters in 2022.

A Complete Review of Bet365 Sportsbook in 2022

A Complete Review and Bet365 Download App Guide

As every modern sports wagering platform is a comprehensive platform, the choice becomes harder for the players. It is necessary to keep many aspects in mind, and such an analysis may be complicated, especially for beginners. Here, an extremely popular sportsbook will be reviewed in detail, while a download guide for the Bet365 app may be found here

Platforms and Operating Systems

The app of Bet365 is supported on both main mobile platforms, Android and iOS. The official applications for these two platforms are available in App Store and Google Play, however, the access may depend on the region: in some countries, the application is only available on Android via a direct download. Players with other operating systems can only enjoy the web version of the sportsbook on their devices. To access it, it is necessary to visit the website of the bookmaker, which supports all platforms compatible with HTML-5.

Main Features

The set of features offered in the Bet365 app is extensive, which may easily become overwhelming for new players. Thus, it is important to analyze each feature in detail: it will be useful for creating a complete impression of the sportsbook.


The first thing most players will encounter after their profile in the Bet365 app is created is the sportsbook’s cashier, as there is no option to place wagers other than making a deposit beforehand. The list of accepted payment methods is rather long at Bet365, and it includes lots of options for making deposits and withdrawals. There, users are able to perform transactions via the following types of payment methods:

    • credit and debit cards;
    • e-wallets;
    • payment processing platforms;
    • direct wire transfers.

The terms for transactions are also fine in the Bet365 sportsbook. There is no withdrawal limit in the Bet365 application, while the lowest sum the bookmaker allows its users to cash out is affordable for most punters. There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals, allowing the users to perform their financial operations in the Bet365 app whenever they need to.


Since Bet365 is one of the largest international sportsbooks, there is no surprise its coverage of sports and events is decent. For pre-match wagering, the users are able to choose from thousands of events, starting with major competitions like the FIFA World Cup and ending with national second-tier leagues. 

The same applies to the assortment of sports covered by Bet365. Of course, the bookmaker covers all the internationally popular sports like football, basketball, hockey, and others. However, for fans of less-trending sports, there are lots of options to choose from in the Bet365 sportsbook as well. The list includes darts, lotto, pool, and even politics.

Last but not least, for each event, there are dozens or even hundreds of wagering markets available. Firstly, there are the most basic options like predicting the winner of a match. Secondly, there are all the trending additional bets like totals and handicaps. Last but not least, there are a ton of speciality options available for almost any event.

In-Play wagering available with a Bet365 download

There is a similar situation with in-play wagering in the Bet365 application: the coverage is amazing. Live wagering is split into a separate category in the app, making it comfortable to navigate through the supported events. Most events that are available for pre-match wagering can be also found in the in-play section as soon as they begin.

Of course, there are fewer speciality and additional betting markets for in-play wagering compared to pre-live bets, but the assortment is still wholesome. There are dozens of events available in this section and each of them supports dozens of wagering markets.


Another essential feature of the Bet365 sportsbook is the bonus system built into the mobile application as well. The approach to designing the promotions is quite interesting here. While some other bookmakers focus on huge sums provided through their promotions, Bet365 does it differently. In most sportsbooks that offer thousands of dollars worth of bonus funds, the terms for such promotions are very strict, limiting the players a lot.

For example, the wagering requirements for such deals may reach x10, which means that the majority of punters won’t be able to actually redeem their winnings. At Bet365, the approach is different. The bonuses are rather small, but most promotions have wagering requirements of x1, making it extremely easy for the players to meet them.

Thus, the welcome bonus available in the Bet365 sportsbook is only $30. With most other deals, the values are similar, but the rollover requirements for them are low. As for the assortment of promotions, it is rather diverse. There are various offers available for specific sports and specific competitions, making it interesting for punters to revisit the app regularly.

Live Streaming

The last important feature of the Bet365 app that is worth mentioning is its live streaming. Most events available in the live wagering section have real-time broadcasts of the matches right on the event’s page. Therefore, the players can easily watch the games right from the application without having to search for a live stream of the competition. Even though such broadcasts are not available for every single event, the coverage is still great. A casual punter who does not follow niche competitions will always have a high-quality live stream of the event available.

This is both an essential feature for in-play wagering, as it allows the players to easily assess the situation in the match and make a bet in a matter of seconds, and a great tool for those who just want to watch the event without placing any wagers whatsoever. In addition to that, the optimization of the broadcasts is great: they were developed with modern smartphones in mind. Watching live streams does not require a lot of cell data.

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