The Dafabet Company Review. Important Features and Points

Online gambling industry is developing and there are more and more gambling companies in the market. The Dafabet company is one of the biggest in India and here is a review!

The Dafabet Company Review. Important Features and Points

There is a huge improvement in the sphere of betting and gambling. Nowadays, the most popular way of betting is via different gambling websites. There are a lot of companies that provide gambling features and options worldwide. All these companies have websites and even mobile applications.

Many gambling companies provide their service in India. That is because the Indian market of online gambling is very big and all popular betting and gambling companies, including Dafabet sports betting, want to gain more audience by providing new high-quality features and options.

Dafabet Company

And now let’s talk about one of the most famous and big international online gambling providers in the world. And they also provide their services in India. Dafabet also has a long list of different betting and gambling features. On the Dafabet official website, you will find different casino games, slots, and of course betting features.

You also must know that the Dafabet company is one of the top-rated gambling companies in the world. It is because of the high-quality features that you will find on their website. And in this article, you will find all the crucial information about Dafabet casino and betting options, different promotions, and other services. So, let’s begin!

Dafabet Website

Every big gambling company must have a good website that will be comfortable to use for all customers. And the Dafabet official website is one of those. On their website, you will find all the necessary options and features that every gambler needs. The website is also extremely user-friendly. It means that it does not matter if you are a new customer or a constant client, in both cases, the website will be comfortable for you.

The Dafabet official website was also created by a professional team of developers which means that there are no bugs and freezers. You will enjoy every minute of your gambling activity at Dafabet. The website also has a simple interface with pleasant colors. They will also be suitable for night gambling. The interface is also available in special English form which was made for Indian Users!

Dafabet Casino

The Dafabet company is a huge international gambling provider. And as one of the most popular gambling companies they usually have an online casino. On the Dafabet official website, you will find the most popular casino games and activities and they will definitely catch your eye. The Dafabet casino is perfectly done and has all the necessary features. All the games and slots are divided into special sections. In these sections, you will also be able to filter them. The “Game Filter” list includes different categories such as region, theme, feature, and others. 

As one of the biggest gambling companies Dafabet also provides customers with tons of different games to play. You will find all the most popular gambling casino activities such as slots, live dealers, jackpots, table games, and others. So, let’s consider these categories in detail!


This is the most popular casino activity in the world. Slots are special gambling games where you will need to make bets and spin the slot machine. By doing this you will be able to win real money and sometimes you will receive special bonus spins. These slot machines are based on the Random Number Generator, so everything is up to your luck. On the Dafabet companywebsite, you will find a lot of popular casino slots such as Age of the Dods, Adventure Trail, Big Bad Wolf, and others. 

Table Games

This is one of the oldest gambling activities. People used to play different table games a long time ago. And now these games are available online. For example, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and other popular table games are available on the Dafabet company website. If you want to try your luck in different card games you will definitely enjoy them!

Live Dealer Games

This type of gambling game is also one of the most popular online casino activities in the world. In this section on the Dafabet company website, you will find different wheels and card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Deal or No Deal, Everybody’s Jackpot, The Money Drop, and others. But all these games are with real dealers who will announce rounds and give cards!

Dafabet Betting

As was mentioned the Dafabet company is a big gambling provider. And their website is not only about casino games and slots. You will also find tons of different online betting features and options that will definitely make your gambling experience more interesting. You will be able to place bets on the most popular tournaments and sports. For example Cricket, Soccer, tennis, and other sports.

Cricket Betting

The Dafabet company is one of the most popular Cricket betting companies in India. On their website, you will find a lot of Cricket tournaments and championships to bet on. In addition, you should also know that the Dafabet company is an official partner of different Cricket teams. For example Paarl Royals, Pretoria Capitals, and others.

The Cricket betting section is one of the most popular gambling sections on the Dafabet website. In this section, you will find a lot of Cricket Betting options such as Live Betting which allows you to bet online right during the match. The Live Betting feature is one of the most popular ways to place online bets. It is because you will be able to catch incredible odds because they are changing according to the situation!

ESports and VSports

There are also two very interesting features you will be able to find on the Dafabet official website. They are called ESports and VSports. Let’s talk about the first one. ESports and also known as Electronic Sports or Cyber Sports. This type of sport recently became very popular and thanks to the development of the gaming industry professional players can now compete with each other. On the Dafabet website, you will be able to place bets on the most popular ESports tournaments. The list of disciplines includes CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and other popular games!

The other interesting Dafabet sports betting option is called VSports. It is one of the newest ways to place bets which is available only on betting websites. The idea is completely new and it is absolutely crazy. VSports are also known as Virtual Sports. These are special matches that are simulated by a computer and there are no real people playing. This section will be extremely interesting to try when there are no championships which are available for betting. If you want to make your gambling experience way more interesting you should definitely try this out!


Every gambler knows that one of the most interesting things on every betting and gambling website is definitely the list of available promotions and bonuses. These bonuses will give you additional money for gambling and betting and they will help you to start your gambling activity. 

And as one of the biggest betting exchange and online casinos the Dafabet company also offers its customers a lot of different bonuses and promotions. On the official website, you will find bonuses such as Welcome Bonuses, Rebates, Cashbacks, and others. All these promotions will be extremely helpful during your gambling activity!

Casino Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular bonuses among different gambling companies is called Welcome Bonus. It gives new players more money for gambling and betting. On the Dafabet company website, the Casino Welcome Bonus will give you 100% of your deposit in addition and this amount can be up to 11.500 INR!

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Sports Welcome Bonus

The other popular gambling promotion on the Dafabet is connected to sports betting. The idea is similar to the Casino Welcome Bonus. But this promotion works only for sports betting. It will give you 160% of your first deposit and this amount can be up to 60.000 INR which is insane!

Cricket Cashback

There is another popular type of bonus that you will be able to find in the “Promotions” section on the Dafabet official website. It is called “Cricket Maximum Cashback”. The cashback bonus usually allows you to get some amount of your lost money once a week. You will be able to find the such promotion on many gambling websites and the amount of cashback is usually not above 5%. But if you bet on different Cricket matches via Dafabet then you will be able to get 10% of lost money back every week! The maximum amount of cashback on Dafabet is 20.000 INR!

Rebate Bonus

But there is another very interesting bonus for casinos. Every gambler who plays casino games at Dafabet will be able to use it. This promotion is called Rebate Bonus and it works for different games. The main idea is quite similar to the cashback bonus and allows you to get back money from casino games!

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