ThondiMuthalum Driksaakshiyum Malayalam Movie Review

ThondiMuthalum Driksaakshiyum Malayalam Movie Review

ThondiMuthalum Driksaakshiyum Malayalam Movie Review

Thondimuthalum Driksaakshiyum – A proper mind blowing realistic experience. Realism is best explained and visualised at its absolute peak. The movie speaks through the volumes of the characters rather than dialogues. Fahadh Faasil and Suraj Venjaramoodu just stole the show in short. Rajeev Ravi, what a brilliant piece of stellar cinematography. Just go sit, watch, experience and admire the ‘Pothans Brilliance’. Though it can be argued that both movies are from different genres Maheshinte Prathikaram is still our favourite Pothettan movie. Each and everyone contributed their best to make the film beautiful.

For filmmakers, there are few things that we could learn from the movie. How to write a script with things like the landscape, the secondary characters, and others, substantiating the plot. There is a character that is jailed for no reason because his mother and wife asked so, for he might cause trouble in the ongoing local temple fest. We do see him begging to be let out as he wouldn’t cause any trouble but the police don’t heed. The police had to let him out for a while, for reasons in the story, and he causes a stir in the five mins he’s out of there.

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People don’t change their nature. The morality that binds them to their character is moulded by their life experience. Which we see through Fahad’s character reminiscing things by the happenings around him. And the arid landscape rightly sets the mood of what’s to come of the plot. You look subliminally for problems due to the scarcity of water. It is also registered by the locked up person being punished by carrying water to the station. Then we hear about the problem of the lead that causes him to go all the troubles for the lost chain, the dried up borewells in his field. The culprit dumping water in strangers moulded after his escape, the face-off the lead men happen to be in a canal and the transition that happens at the end of it are well written into the movie.

The reason why the thief has become what he is, why the cops need the case so badly, why they behave the way they are, not just cops but everyone in the script, are well written into the story without breaking away from the narrative. ‘Everybody is doing their best in life, given the circumstances’ – It is something I ponder about. I see this echoed throughout this movie.


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