Shikkari Shambhu Malayalam Movie Review

Shikkari Shambhu Malayalam Movie Review

Shikkari Shambhu Malayalam Movie Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

Ineffective humor, a highly predictable narrative and an outdated making style puts Shikkari Shambhu Movie on a below average territory. Sugeeth after the success of Madhura Naranga direct his fifth film and fourth one with Kunchako Boban and this time he uses humor and twist in the storyline to woo the audience but the outcome is not that sweet. Using references to leopard hunter Varunny from Mrugaya in the story, the leopard once again is given a major role to play in a Mollywood film.

The story initially start from Kunnumkulam and we have Philipose alias Peely and his two associates Achu and Shaji executing a robbery in the midst of a Church festival. The three by chance gets to know about the presence of a leopard and the search for a hunter to hunt the animal in Kuruthymalakaavu, a place surrounded by forest. All the incidents that gets unfolded at Kuruthymalakaavu after Peely and his associates reach there pretending to be the hunters that the village was looking out for is what the movie portray.

What Shikkari Shambhu lacks is some sort of freshness in the screenplay and storytelling. Adding to this, we see comedy that literally fails to tickle our funny bone. As a result the humor portions end up without being able to evoke laughter eventually ending up unsuccessful, not serving the intended purpose except a few dialogues here and there. We also get to see the evolving of the latter part of the film very much similar to couple of other films from the same director.

Humor in the first half occasionally works but again we have lot of unwanted scenes that creates uneasiness while viewing. The half baked romantic track between Vishnu’s character and his love interest is one among them. There is a twist in the tale that was nice but rest of the things are too cliched and runs on predictable lines.

On screen, the character of Philipose wasn’t a challenging one for Kunchako who just did a cakewalk of that role. He was supported by Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Hareesh Kanaaran who both didn’t get enough witty dialogues and comic scenes to create a big laugh though they tried their best within the limitation of the screenplay. From a relevance perspective, Ssivada’s character was notable but from a performance angle she didn’t have anything challenging to do.

Salim Kumar was able to evoke few laughter as the Sub-Inspector. Krishna Kumar, Spadikam George, Saadiq, Aji John, Johny Antony and Maniyanpilla Raju along with a few others are also part of the long line up of supporting actors in Shikkari Shambhu.

Talking about the making, it was a style that was too familiar and one that we have seen from the same director who has borrowed it from his earlier flicks. Cinematography had its share of trouble focusing only on enriching the visual beauty but it wasn’t that pleasing due to excessive lighting and the color pattern used. Music was fine and earned the pass mark.

Shikkari Shambhu is one movie that tries to entertain you with fun and create some element of mystery and twist in the story which is nothing wrong. But when you see the narrative and orthodox making similar to some other flicks including one from the director himself, the curiosity evoked at the beginning just comes down once the plot settles in.

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