Punyalan Private Ltd Malayalam Movie Review


I had the pleasure of watching Punyalan Private Ltd yesterday and must say that Jayasurya, Ranjith Sankar and team has done a wonderful job. It’s a complete family entertainer with a strong social message. It is a must watch for every family. DO NOT MISS!

Ranjith Shankar Jayasurya combo movies always deliver a good entertainment with some messages to the viewers. Working together for the last 3 movies Punyalan Agarbathis, Su SU Sudhi Vatmeekam and Pretham, the combo is back with a political thriller which shows the struggles of an upcoming businessman Joy Thakkolkkaran.

The movie starts with the positive attitude of Joy Thakkolkkaran, face his problems when his properties got attached by a bank and how he came up against that situation without losing hope by making a brand Punyalan mineral water packed in tetra packets from elephants urine. As we all see and face in real life, director Ranjith Shankar shows how difficult to run a business in our country which reminds us the struggles of Mohanlal’s character Muralidharan in Varavellpu and Sethu Madhavan in Midhunam.

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Joy Thakkolkkaran criticises and blames the government and the system for the unpleasing situation a common man is going through. He brings up and questions government for Thrissur Paliyekkara Toll, Beef Issue, Adhar Note Ban, Soumya case, KSRTC service for public, Violence against woman, misusing public fund, conditions in governments hospitals etc. He uses social media as the platform to bring up these issues. Jayasurya handled the role of Joy Thakkolkkaran well in his looks and in his dialogue delivery too. He challenges the government and accepts the offer a day with CM reminds us of the super hit tamil movie Muthalvan, directed by Shankar in Tamil.

VijayaRaghavan well played the role of crooked politician and ChiefMinister Sakthan Rajasekharan.As usual, Sreejith Ravi’s Abbay Kumar and his humor were pleasing in the first half and later felt some idiotic in the second half. Aju Varghese’s character Greenu was limited only in Skype video and the new entry Dharmajan as advocate Peer Thaneesh was pleasing. Vishnu Govind as the media person shows how greedy medias run behind problems to bring up the rating of their channels. Sunil Sugada as the judge was good in his role. Overall the first half was filled with humor in which some were pleasing but the main drop is that the entire movie was filled with heavy loads of dialogues.

Music was by Bijibal and Anand Madhusoodanan and the camera was handled by Vishnu Narayanan. This entertainer was written and directed by Ranjith Shankar and produced jointly by Ranjith Shankar and Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams N Beyond and distributed by Punyalan Cinemas.

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