Maradona Movie Review – a decent work from a fresh team

Maradona Movie Review - a decent work from a fresh team

Maradona Malayalam Movie Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

It wasn’t that easy watching the trailer of Maradona and come to a conclusion about the genre of the film. This was also a case where the promo materials wasn’t conveying what is in store for the audience and what to expect. Of course a sort of a dark mood with some thrills and suspense could be spotted but beyond that there was nothing major visible. Now with the movie (after the postponement) finally reaching theaters, its in the hands of the audience to make their judgement as to how the movie is and what it is trying to convey.

When a story is narrated on screen, some films travel through the direct path to reach its intended destination while for others the preferred choice is taking the indirect route. Maradona directed by debutant Vishnu Narayan chooses the latter route. The risk is more here but the film finally manages to land in a safe territory. There are little lags in between and the way in which the plot has been conveyed is snail paced but the end result is pleasant and never underwhelming.

Maradona, the title protagonist played by Tovino and Sudhi (portrayed by Angamali Diaries fame Tito Wilson) are childhood buddies. The story begins from Chikmagalor in Karnataka focussing on the duo. Maradona lands up in Bangalore where he is now staying with his cousin sister in their apartment. The circumstances that force the protagonist to take shilter in that apartment and the incidents that evolve after he reaches Bangalore is what the movie wanted to portray within a running time of a little less than two and a half hours.

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As I said, the route taken to narrate the story is quite different and the good thing here is that the film succeeded in that attempt. The narrative is quite slow so naturally there are some lagging portions towards the middle stage but that doesn’t do any major damage to the viewing experience. The script has taken the responsibility of ensuring its job to provide a flawless experience.

The film was successful enough in bringing some mystery element into the storyline and also into the main title character. All those thrills and little suspense in the plot only helped to create a nice platform for the movie to reach its destination. Inspite of a dark mood of gangsters in the plot, the romantic track between Maradona and his lady love was fair enough for giving a thumbs up. At first I thought it would backfire keeping in mind the nature of the story but my thought was laid to rest. I had to change my opinion and believe me these portions were live enough giving a different dimension to the story.

Coming to performances, a major portion of the story focused on the title character played by Tovino Thomas that had two different shades to portray. The actor was equally good as the romantic hero as well as in the other shade of his character. Chemban Vinod as the gangster very well supported through his acts making those moments involving him highly engaging. Tito Wilson, Jins Bhasker, Leona Lishoy and Maya Menon also did their supporting role in a convincing fashion.

Sharanya Nair is the chosen one for enacting the leading lady’s role. I would say a decent performance for a new comer. The moments she shared with Tovino have come out very well that ultimately helped a lot in giving the film a soft and sweet touch in between those serious moments. I also liked the old man’s character (not sure about his name) who develop a rapport with the protagonist. This old man’s character doesn’t have any major influence on the story but he manages to win my heart.

Cinematography was impressive. Same goes for the music department. Sushin Shyam through his background score and songs have lifted the mood of most of the scenes to the level they ought to be. Maradona marks the debut of director Vishnu Narayan and its writer (credited to Krishna Moorthy). Both of them can be proud of their first work marking the start of a new innings as independent director and writer.

Maradona is a decent work from a fresh team. The film manages to involve and engage the audience with a smart piece of direction and writing. Also some notable acting performances from the actors portraying the critical roles also elevated the film to bring in a positive vibe in the end.


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