Cooling glass is a piece of my body, Says Mammootty

cooling glass
Mammootty Cooling glass

The relationship between Mammootty and cooling glass is started since many years back. Because of this habit many people teased the mega star Mammookka for using the cooling glass on all functions. He always owns a cooling glass in his workforce. Last year a question was brought up to him by the Vanitha magazine interviewer, he explained the relation of his with cooling glass. “I have 5 – 6 glasses of my own. I’m not born with that. Some people need cooling glass to stand in daylight. It cause my eyes to shrink and I can’t stand in daylight with naked eyes for a long time.”

Cooling Glass & Mammootty 🙂

At the audio launch of Kohinoor movie starring Asif Ali Mammookka again revealed his cooling glass love. When he saw the poster of Kohinoor movie he became tensed. In this poster all wore the cooling glass. He heard that the story is of 80’s. He is also from 80’s. The cooling glass is attached to his life from 80’s. Cooling glass is a part of my body, he stated. He also give best wishes to the production company of Asif Ali, Adams world of imagination. He said that we all are living in Adams world of imagination. Then he concluded his speech by congratulating the new producers of the film and also the film.