Loham review – Perfect Renjith & Mohanlal combination

Loham Review
Loham Exclusive Review
Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath 

Eventhough director Renjith came up with a statement so as to kill all the pre-release hype and over expectations that people need not come to theaters expecting a Narasimham or Aaramthamburan, the dejavu surrounding his latest movie Loham starring Mohanlal had reached a full crescendo by now.

Everything is all set as Loham is finally in front of the audience to pass a judgement as to how it is and whether it is worth a watch and whether this Renjith – Mohanlal combination movie has worked out well for an engaging and satisfying movie experience. Its a bits and piece mass movie, a very little of mass and is purely a subject oriented one. Renjith has deviated from his normal pattern of movies of late with a thriller movie and has somewhat taken a U turn with mass elements in limited doses.

Action, heroism, punch dialogues, one liners to raise the excitement level and humor are given equal prominence exploiting the peculiar mannerisms of Mohanlal in Loham. The mentioned attributes listed above are there just in limited doses. So do not expect a high voltage movie something in the genre of those popular films where Mohanlal and Renjith have previously been associated with. The character is definitely a larger than life one but it has a shade of a normal human being deep down especially what is shown in the first half.

Lot of discussions were happening about the character that Mohanlal plays in the movie before the release. Reports said he plays a driver named Raju. Some said he is a police officer. He is a driver but definitely we can smell some mystery around this character of Raju.

The story as the tagline says is not about Kallakadathu but about how Kallam is transported and how they do it. Yes, Renjith tried to show how gold smuggling business work out and how it is done but the narrative part became much predictable.

Mohanlal plays the mystery character to perfection. While the first half has shades of humour, the latter part has a dark shade to his role with little dose of heroism. There is a long line of supporting actors with majority of them getting very few scenes. Siddhique has a good role to play and he made it memorable. Renji Panicker in a stylish role was nice. Rest of them just show up and vanish. Few of the newgen actors too are part of the play but with little prominence.

One song tuned by Sreevalson J Menon stood out while the other two did not impress much. Background score by veteran Rajamani was on the weaker side. Something was missing in BGM. On the whole, Loham if you ask me whether it is a complete mass movie, I would say No. At the same time, it is not a class movie either. Its just an above average flick that is surely going to get a mixed bags of opinion in the coming days.

So the bottom line here is that people going with loads of expectation, the advice is to just bring it down to a lower level and watch Loham. Now to the most awaited part in the review that you all are looking for, the ratings.