Lens movie review – passing an important message to all

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath
                                         Many of you might not have even heard about this movie called Lens that is hitting theatres today. The film would have gone into oblivion and would have just confined to just festivals alone had LJ Films owned by director Lal Jose did not get the chance to watch the film. Distributed by LJ films and directed by independent filmmaker Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan with a rank of newcomers in it, Lens, a multilingual film came as a big surprise to me.
                                 The film turns out to be a shocking, powerful and a hard-hitting one that has a very high relevance in the society we live in today and deals with a bold subject. Social media has virtually taken over the daily life of many people and has a very big influence on the society now. The question is how we use it to make our life more meaningful and exciting exploring the various facets of this medium.
                                Now, what happens when the medium tempts us to explore the not so nice side of it. Lens can be called a psycho-thriller that is set against the backdrop of the vast and enormous digital world which can be rightly called a cyber jungle now. The story unfolds in a video chat room of the digital world where Aravind, a married youth gets a request to watch one of his online friend committing suicide. Story further develop from there.
                                The tagline of the film goes something like this; “Watch me die live”. The story and premises in Lens ooze some freshness to it. A thriller with suspense element, the film breaks the conventional norm and follow a different pattern for narrating the story. A haunting feel is there throughout and the film makes up for a compelling watch, thanks to its lively screenplay and beautiful execution staying sincere to the story and its presentation.
                                   The film has taken utmost care on the technical front with excellent camera work. The incidents unfold in a single room of an apartment and the cameraman has done his part making the visuals look totally apt. The Nice background score and sound effects also is another highlight. Whoever has done the sound design also deserves a pat on his back.
                              I am not familiar with the actors who all are new faces. Director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan himself dons the role of Aravind bringing in the required amount of tension and stress that he was passing through. The actor who portrayed the character of Yohan too has done a fine job.
                                     Social media has a heavy influence in our day to day life these days and if we do not use it wisely, it will conquer us in a negative fashion and it will be difficult to come out of that shell. Lens makes us think and shows us how our life can go upside down if the internet savvy and gadget loving generation of the present travel through the wrong path of the digital world. The message passed has so much importance now and without going in the direction of any sort of preachings, the film convey what it intended in the best possible manner.
                                    There is very less or little publicity going into the film for promotion even with LJ films behind the distribution. So not sure how the film can make a strong presence at the all important box office. So word of mouth is the next best option to get the movie a big attention. Watch it and spread the word about Lens, a film that is highly watchable for the lifestyle of the present generation. So next time you see something bad in the virtual world, just ignore it. Its presentation and the value it holds passing on an all important message to each of us.