Kasaba Movie Review – for the hardcore fans of the megastar

Kasaba Movie Review - for the hardcore fans of the megastar
Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

Here is a mass movie Kasaba, that is strictly for the hardcore fans of the megastar. For the neutral audience, well I seriously doubt if they will find anything concrete and substantial to fill their appetite in Kasaba. Nithin Renji Panicker, son of writer, director and actor Renji Panicker makes his debut through Kasaba, which is primarily targeted at the fans of Mammootty. They have been given lot of spaces to cheer and clap for their hero who walks talks and behaves in a typical but familiar larger than life fashion.

The film has very little to say on the content part and with a weak screenplay, Kasaba doesn’t explore anything new. Whatever is projected on screen more or less follow a clichéd pattern that we have seen over the years when it comes to a police investigation and films that belong to such genre. As a newcomer, our young director has shown promise but it is the writing side that he needs to improve. Dialogues were overly dramatic at many places.

Rajan Zakariah is the protagonist who is a circle inspector. Some untoward incidents happen in Kasaba station limits, a place close to Kerala-Karnataka border. Rajan at the behest of his superior officer gets transferred to Kasaba to unofficially investigate the reasons for all the happenings there.

Though Nithin has avoided using lengthy dialogues with a lot of words from the English vocabulary, something which his father is famous for, the treatment and the way how the wafer thin story emerges has a resemblance to movies of Renjith and his guru Shaji Kailas. It was a very ordinary first half and the pace gets a jump in the latter half as the investigation progresses.

The main drawback is that there is no amount of suspense and the ‘Who done it’ part is exposed very early in the film. Now ‘How and why they did it’ is the only remaining question which gets an exaggerated description in a weak screenplay that demanded some more depth and character detailing for a convincing narration. So do not expect any sort of suspense and twist in the film.

Use of some double meaning signals and language should have been avoided. Also, there is a scene where the CI pulls a senior lady police officer to his side by his hands held inside her belt /unmentionable place which was too substandard.

Mammootty plays the character of Rajan Zakariah for the gallery and masses especially his die-hard fans with ease. I personally didn’t enjoy him walking in a ‘strange’ way supported by that background score that was a bit over the top. Otherwise, it was an okay mass role. Sidhique, as usual, did his part very well even though the role was not that big. Sampath played the baddie role in his typical style supported through the voice dubbed by Shoby Thilakan.

Vara Lakshmi Sarathkumar was passable while Alencier Lay didn’t have a meaty role at his disposal to showcase his acting credentials. Jagadeesh impressed with the portrayal of a junior officer. Maqbool Salman could not make a strong presence and same is the case with Sidhique’s son.

The cinematography was not bad while editing had its share of problems. Rahul Raj has scored the background score which in my opinion was not bad.