Body shaming is a huge problem, says Kaniha.

Body shaming is a huge problem, says Kaniha. 10

Kaniha ‘s Facebook Post

“What gives somebody the right to come up to me and tell me ‘oh my God you are so skinny is it but on screen you look fat’ is it because I’m a celebrity that people assume I’m answerable to them I begin to wonder but no… there are so many women who are a victim of fat shaming at various levels at work, at their own homes by their extended relatives, at their gyms, at get together, the place really doesn’t matter.

Does that somebody who had the audacity to comment on me being fat/slim know that I’ve just gone through a trauma of losing a baby after being 5 months pregnant? And my body is struggling to get back to normalcy? How easy it is to talk isn’t it?

Do these people realize women go through so many biological and hormonal changes and are bound to gain and lose weight? To my surprise and shock most of the times it is women who indulge in fat shaming, while we expect a little more empathy, but no… it’s really pathetic.

So next time you comment about someone being thin or fat please think twice because they could be battling something more important than just losing those few extra kilos.”

“Life is beautiful.”

Best Replay to Kaniha ‘s Post

“It’s enthralling when people like you come forward and speak about such issues. Body shaming is a huge problem, and it is very traumatizing. People assume they are expressing their concern when they make comments about one’s body. However,. they never take any effort to ask if someone is okay, if someone needs help. Body changes occur due to many reasons, PCOD, anxiety,depression, eating disorders etc etc. By making fun of it, one is just making it worse.
Btw there’s a think called skinny shaming too,it is just as bad as fat shaming, been thru both until one fine day I realized ,my body is my property and I will love it and take care of it no matter what nicknames people have for me. Stay strong and loud and cut off negative people from your life ! “