Jilebi Malayalam Movie Review

Jilebi Malayalam Movie Review
Jilebi Malayalam Movie Review
Jilebi Malayalam Movie Review
Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

There is nothing much to talk about the story line of Jilebi, the debut film from Arun Shekar. But a feel good factor work positively for the overall outcome of the movie that lands it in a safe zone. A simple message in the end and some fine performances makes this Jilebi taste sweet.

Shilpa (Remya Nambesan) sent her little kids from Dubai to her home in Kerala where her parents and cousin brother Sreekuttan (Jayasurya) are staying. The purpose of Shilpa was to get the kids admitted to a boarding school in Kodaikanal. The story show how the kids spend few days with their grandparents and their journey with their uncle to the school that is narrated with a fun element in the backdrop.

Basically the film is trying to portray the importance of relationships and orthodox lifestyle which has become alienated in the present day world. Director deserves a pat on his back for conveying a nice message in the end without any preachings or melodrama. Of course the storyline is threadbare but little little moments with fun and familiarity that touch you keeps the movie going in the right direction and ultimately ending on a safe territory.

The character of Kuttan played by Jayasurya is a farmer who is a simple and down to earth man. All credits to actor Jayasurya for portrayal of that character in a convincing manner. Equally good was the two kids Master Gaurav and Baby Sayuri who happens to be director’s daughter. The kids along with Jayasurya were the main highlight of the film with their natural rendition of their respective characters.

Remya Nambesan did a decent act as the mother of the kids while Sasi Kallinga and Dharmajan handled the comedy side evoking many laughs. Vijayaraghavan, KPAC Lalitha and Shaari are also part of the cast who all did a fine balancing act among the supporting actors.

Arun Shekar on his debut innings is able to make a mark and credit to him for generating the best in terms of performance from the little kids as well as Jayasurya and other senior actors. Screenplay was a simple one without any complex situations as per the demands of the plot. Cinematography was excellent giving the visual side a good lift. Bijipal played his part on the music side with his simple and soothing songs & BGM.

So here is one movie without any tall claims passes the litmus test and actor Jayasurya is again part of such a good film. Irrespective of what the box office does to the movie, I would recommend this film for a one time watch that will not disappoint you.

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