Jamna Pyari Review

Jamna Pyari Review
2015 Onam Releases-Loham-Utopiayile Rajavu-Double Barrel
Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

From the initial few scenes that unfold in Jamna Pyari, a feel of freshness do appear but after the first half, the movie runs out of steam. Made as an entertainer with humour, fun, romance and drama given weightage, Jamna Pyari has that curiosity element around it but that curiosity just vanish and gets a slow death once the story is narrated.

Set in Trichur, Vaasoottan is the goto person for the people of Vadakkaanchery when they need any help. He is literally an unofficial We-Help guy of the area. He is innocent, honest and sincere and can be trusted. This nature lands Vaasoottan in search of Jamnapyari that brings to the picture of a family involving a father, mother and their daughter. The film narrate the efforts of the male protagonist to get Jamnapyari.

Well, what is Jamna Pyari that Vasoottan is in search of, that is quite an interesting one. I am not revealing that part since that would break the little suspense in the film.

At best, Jamna Pyari can be told as an extended short film. Thomas Sebastian has tried to come up with a new plot but the predictability in the overall script makes things easy for the audience to guess what is in store for them and there is very little of comedy that we expect from such movies.

Its a light hearted movie with little bit of humour. The protagonist do feel love for the heroine but this aspect gets a hidden feel in the overall scheme of things. The drama that unfold towards the end doesn’t excite much to give a completely satisfying experience.

The character of Vasoottan is safe in the hands of Kunchacko Boban. It should have been a pretty easy job for him here to portray the character with ease. The only area where he would have found a little tough would be the Trichur slang while dubbing. He has done it quite well though. For a debutant, Gayathri Suresh though with little screen presence was more than okay.

Among the rest of the actors, Joy Mathew, Maniyan Pilla Raju and Renji Paniker were good with their portrayals of the characters assigned to them. The combination of Suraj Venjaramudu and Muthumani was a surprise and their serious family drama on screen was lighter and humorous for the audience. Neeraj Madhav as the new generation youth was nice but the character seemed a deliberate casting to evoke laughter with not much connection with the plot. At times the overdose of taking spoof at newgen talk was irritating too but it was a fault in the screenplay and not with the actor. Aju Varghese appeared in a extended cameo.

It was an okay effort from Gopi Sunder on the BGM side but the songs especially “Enthootaanda” was a catchy one. Cinematography was nice while edits were okay.

Overall, Jamna Pyari is an attempt to come up with a light hearted humorous movie but it backfired due to a wafer thin storyline that cannot hold on together for the complete running time.