Ira Malayalam Movie Review – A thriller gets into a thrilling mode

Ira Malayalam Movie Review - A thriller gets into a thrilling mode

Ira Malayalam Movie Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

What would happen if a film which is supposed to be a thriller gets into a thrilling mode towards the fag end of the story? The result is something that we all can guess in such an instance. This is what happened with debutante director Saiju’s Ira. The villain here is the screenplay that has too many unwanted scenes in the first half that takes the focus drift away from the main plot and it just makes the case for plain irritation. Once the film finally come back to focus on the main story and starts exciting, it was too late.

Rajeev, a Delhi based police officer lands in Kochi for an investigation connected with the death of a Kerala minister. The events that unfold thereafter and the incidents that lead to this murder is what the movie narrates in a little under two and a half hours.

Ira, otherwise victim has a youngster wrongly implicated in a criminal conspiracy. But in this case, the victims here are the poor audience who are taken for granted for the first one hour or so with a lazy screenplay that never comes to focus on the main plot. Instead substandard and out of context jokes that never makes you laugh along with some unwanted scenes cast a black mark on the overall film. These cases only helped in pulling the film down taking away the basic ingredient of a story of this nature, which is thrills and keeping the audience engaged.

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Agreed, this is the work of a director who is into his very first film. If you look into how the direction has gone, there is nothing bad and he has done a reasonably good job with the average screenplay which he had at his disposal. Script should have been more crisp and sharp. Ira is a classic case where a good thirty minutes of trimming would have done wonders. Yes, those lackluster and boring scenes that had no connection with the central plot would have helped the movie to make a decent viewing. By the time, the thrills, twists and those suspense elements are brought to the forefront, the negative elements had already done its damage.

Unni Mukuandan appear as the investigating officer Rajeev and it was a safe role for him. But in a critical moment in the film he was found wanting and fell short of expressions and emotions. For Gokul Suresh, it was just repetition of the role that he enacted in the movie Masterpiece. The only difference here is that in Ira he is a doctor. Miya and Niranjana are the main female actors in the film and they don’t have much screen space to perform but nevertheless the tribal girl’s character that Miya portray have big significance in the story. Saju Navodaya’s role was totally unwanted and his supposed to be humorous scenes didn’t make any impact other than creating plain irritation. Alencier Lay, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Kailash and Lena are also part of the supporting actors who were okay in their respective roles.

On the technical side, I did like the two songs and was tempted to hear them again. Gopi Sundar is the one who has composed them but his background score was missing the spark and the scores didn’t give that apt feel and mood for this story. Cinematography and cuts were okay but the editor could have cut some portions to make the film more crisp.

Ira which is the first production from director Vyshakh and writer Udaykrishna fails to live up as a thriller. The film gets engaging and exciting only at a very late stage and this happened as a result of a screenplay that had too many potholes to fix. The story had in it scope for something good but the screenplay that supported the story failed to lift it to where it should have been and the end result is at best an average film.

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