Godha Malayalam Movie Review – Tovino Thomas | Wamiqa Gabbi

Godha Malayalam Movie Review - Tovino Thomas | Wamiqa Gabbi

Godha Malayalam Movie Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

A smartly packaged movie, Godha directed by Basil Joseph is a clean entertainer that won’t disappoint you. If you are looking for fun and entertainment in a movie, Godha is the ideal choice that can serve your appetite for enjoyment.

Wrestling is the core theme here but the smartness shown in packaging the film with adequate doses of humour, emotion and other fun elements puts Godha in a territory that no one can complain about. How a Punjabi girl Aditi Singh lands up in a remote village in Kerala where we have an interesting tussle going on between some new generation cricket fans and an older generation of hardcore wrestling players and followers is beautifully presented in a colourful fashion.

Basil has come a long way from the days of Kunjiramayanam. The improvement in maturity level as a director is definitely there to be seen in how he has dealt with the subject and the apt treatment given to it. Wrestling is at the centre of everything the story says but here we see a lot of humorous moments and funny scenes that help the film to travel to the finishing stages without much boredom and lag-ness.

The screenplay has life in it and there aren’t any dull sequence that can push down the film. In Godha we see a serious subject with a small but relevant message is treated in a very mature and simple way. The film for that matter doesn’t complicate things and tell the story with a straightforward approach which makes us easy to tell with the plot. The characters are easily relatable and the humour has freshness in it making Godha a clean entertainer suitable for everyone.

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Even though at some point, the journey of the movie becomes very predictable the treatment and light humour takes the film forward to its destination without many injuries. Rakesh Mantodi’s screenplay has ensured that the movie doesn’t get uninteresting at any point. The film runs to just two hours and in that two hours we are given what we want and the team of Godha are successful in creating a good atmosphere inside the theatre with no place for boredom.

Now moving to the acting side Tovino Thomas once again shows his cleverness in selecting a screenplay where he can fit in completely even if at times his character is reduced to the sidelines. Apart from performing in scenes familiar for him, he had to do and be part of some humorous situations. Believe me, he was right up there. What the character demanded from Anjaneya Daas, he gave his best to make them look natural. The scene where his father discusses his future plans was a class example of what he is capable of when performing in comic situations.

Renji Panicker as Captain and father to Tovino was in fine form and was a treat to watch further proving that when it comes to character roles on the supporting side, he is one of the best in business today. Wamiqa Gabbi, to me, is the best possible choice to play the role of Aditi Singh. It was a fine selection by the casting team as the freshness in the actress to the audience made it helped a lot in making the role a successful one. In fact, both Renji Panicker and Wamiqa are the central characters here and can be called the backbone of Godha.

To handle the humour department we have a long lineup of actors who ensured that our funny side of the bone gets the treatment it deserved. People like Aju Varghese, Sreejith Ravi, Dharmajan, Hareesh, Biju Kuttan and Pradeep Kottayam had enough scope in the screenplay to perform as a group that gave some fine laughing moments in between all those serious looking part. Hareesh Peradi and Parvati T on the supporting side also deserves a word of mention here.

The film is rich with beautiful visuals and credit for that goes to Vishnu Sarma who has handled the camera work and ensured his work gets noticed. All the wrestling scenes and fights were choreographed quite well. We cannot compare it to a movie like Dangal but whatever wrestling scenes we have in Godha didn’t look bad. Credit for that goes to the action choreographer plus the cameraman and also the editor. Wamiqa and Tovino also did their part on this side to make the wrestling scenes look natural and believable. This film is incomplete without Shaan Rahman whose background score and songs synchronised perfectly with the tone of each scene.

So if you want to spend some time in a movie hall to have some laugh and at the same time, give entertainment for two hours, this is the choice for you. So grab your tickets and make your weekend exciting and special by being part of Godha.

Rating – ★★★★ /★★★★★

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