Batman v Superman Review

Batman v Superman Review

Batman v Superman Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

Batman v Superman Review. Some said it to be a total mess while some others opined that the film is a total washout with one of the prominent review thrashing the movie to the dustbin giving zero stars out of five. All these early viewpoints, in fact, helped me to reduce the expectation level of Zack Snyder’s much-hyped movie of war between two legendary superheroes to the very minimum.

With the baggage of expectations not with me, Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice proved to be an average and passable one for me that kept me engaged without much boredom.

The fact that it was publicised to be a battle of epic proportion is one of the primary reason for pulling the film down to a certain level. A golden chance to come up with something big is literally wasted here by Snyder. The conflict between Batman and Superman was the biggest USP of the film but when it came to the plot, it didn’t have a strong and convincing reason for the fight and film could not exploit nor capitalise on the battle to take the film to another level.

But one should also be aware that there are enough scenes and moments to cherish for fans of both the superheroes. That helps the movie to attain the pass mark. But for a film projected on the lines of something big is coming, would just the pass mark be sufficient? The answer is a big no. The film is very much dark and intense but we feel something is missing once it all ends.

The story basically focuses on the plan that Batman hatch to end Superman’s rein of a one-man superpower that leads to a showdown between the two. But that battle as I said gets a raw treatment and once Doomsday arrives, the situation forces the two to unite to save mankind from total destruction. From thereon its the usual stuff we see in any of the Hollywood films of this genre with nothing fresh.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/ Batman was able to make an impression of himself though not in a big way like the way Christian Bale did. May be the half-baked writing for the character he was portraying took its toll on the performance. Henry Cavill as Superman was passable. He had the physical appearance and looks to make the role look nice on screen and on that aspect, the actor was successful.

Jesse Eisenberg was very much appealing, impressive and brilliant as Lex Luthor. His dialogue delivery and expressions gave a new meaning to the negative character he was portraying. Gadot as Wonder Women did not have a meaty stuff to play and it was more or less a cameo from her. But still it was a memorable cameo. Rest of the supporting actors were okay.

A lot of work has been done on the visual effects and the quality is there to be seen in all the explosion scenes. All the electric effects spilling the City once Doomsday arrives also had quality at its peak. Good Cinematography and some excellent background score with a lot of energy too are also some highlights of the film.

Overall, this movie is not a total whitewash as has been projected in the initial reports that are coming in. Of course, it has its drawbacks and the film is nowhere near its hype. But still I found Batman vs Superman one time the watchable film with the very little of expectation. I will go with two and a half out of five for Dawn of Justice.