Aanandam – A colourful film, high on spirits and energy

Aanandam - A colourful film, high on spirits and energy

Aanandam – Movie Review

Reviewer : Chandra Mohan Gopinath

A bucket full of youthfulness and colour appeared in the casting, making, posters, songs, teaser, trailer and whatever that came out from Aanandam camp that looked breezy and at the same time was too catchy. The same youthfulness, feel and passion is also reflected in the movie as well. A colourful film, high on spirits and energy, Aanandam is a young film for the youth and is a flamboyant one representing and reflecting the attitude or nature of the youngsters of the present generation. The film marks the debut of Ganesh Raj, a former assistant to Vineeth Sreenivasan and Anjali Menon and coincidentally it is Vineeth himself producing the film that has Lal Jose films looking after the distribution and marketing part.

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A totally fun-filled trip, the movie explore a genre that was quite popular some time back but has hardly made it to movies coming up these days. Aanandam is an excursion or a picnic film where a group of engineering students as part of Industrial Visit travel to Humpy, Goa, and a few other tourist destinations. A seven-member gang is the focus of the film and the story just explore their relationships and little things that unfold during this journey making it something that the group can cherish for a lifetime.

As a story, Aanandam doesn’t boast about a plot with lots of depth in it. It just is a film that celebrates love, friendship and youth through the events that happen through the journey. The presentation looks neat and clean and it is here that the movie scores. All credits to Ganesh Raj and his team for presenting this movie in a very simple manner. It’s not a total flawless film but whatever the screenplay has incorporated into the narrative never makes the viewing experience bored or unwatchable.

A set of newbies gives a fresh and cool appeal to the movie. Goutham, Varun, Akshay, Kuppy, Devika, Diya and Darshana are the seven-member gang on screen played by Roshan Mathew, Arun Kurian, Thomas Mathew, Vishak Nair, Anu Antony, Siddhi Mahajankatti and Anarkali Marikar respectively. All of them didn’t show any signs of nervousness facing the camera for the first time or an early phase of their career.The characters demanded a lot of spirits, energy and cheerfulness which wasn’t found wanting in any of them. Rony David as the professor character evoked some genuine laughs inside the cinema halls.

Excellent cinematography and good background score and songs added icing on the cake and making the movie a beautiful and feel good one. The movie is just two hours in duration and there is no space for boredom at any stage. Editing was also done quite well. The colour tone and presentation were apt for a youth movie.

Aanandam is a movie totally justifying its title providing wholesome entertainment, fun happiness and nostalgia once you finish watching it. Don’t think too much and dig too deep, just go and watch it if you want to refresh your college memories if you have passed that stage of life. For the present generation, it’s a movie which they can easily relate to with their current phase in life.

Rating : 3.5/5

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